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  • Custom made Earrings with your flowers. Whether it's flowers from your bouquet, anniversary flowers, memorials, or any flower that has special sentimental value can be turned into piece of forever jewelry. Also jewelry with infused hair/fur or cremains of loved one.
  • You can choose any shape from the section "Earrings"
    • Once you've made the purchase, just send us a message and we'll discuss your flowers, colors, design and tell you where and how to send your flowers.
    • Your flowers need to be completely dry before you send them to me. If they are sent without being fully dried, while in transit, they will go brown, possibly develop mold, and we're not able to work with them. We will likely have to use tiny pieces of petals and leaves, because whole petals and leaves would be too large. 
    • Our earrings are made with 100% Surgical Stainless Steel hooks (Suitable for those with sensitive skin to conventional metals, gold, silver)
    • Your earrings will come in a gift box ready to gift-giving

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